Early Intervention

This program provides therapeutic services for children with developmental disabilities/delays, age’s birth to 3 that include Physical, Occupational, Speech & Developmental Therapy to improve the overall physical condition of the child, while preparing them to transition to public school Early Childhood programs most effectively. 

Families may receive this service in the “natural environment” of the family home or the child’s Day Care facility.

In addition to providing these needed services for children, we also emphasize family support as a key component of assuring a healthy child as part of this program.  We also continue to offer all the families in this program the opportunity to meet and support each other through agency-sponsored training, an informational Lending Library and family fun events.

This program serves families in southern Cook and northern Will counties. 

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis. ABA is a science that is devoted to understanding and improving human behavior.

Applied behavior analysts focus on behaviors of social importance. They use interventions that are research-based alongside scientific methods to target various behaviors. ABA focuses on socially significant behaviors. This means we work on skills in lots of areas such as communication, play, resilience, regulation, flexibility, socialization, life skills, problem behavior reduction and lots, lots more! Programs are individualized based on the needs of each unique person.

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